Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 9/28

Wavefront TV’s take on last week: 

This is a very dynamic sector, and while that may feel like a safe harbor statement, it was on full display last week. There were heavyweights battling it out, new platforms announced, device wars heating up, and it means a continuing scramble for content companies trying to find their footing in this growing ecosystem. In a completely distributed model, publishers are vulnerable to these changes in a way that unfortunately is somewhat reminiscent of the role that social media platforms have come to play in the digital world. 

Now, on to the news: 

Wavefront TV’s take: Local news has been the last bastion of content for pay TV providers. Gray TV and others are going to try to change that. 

Syncbaks vuit an OTT sandbox for local broadcasters

Wavefront TV’s take: Google is making its’ push into TV – it was just a matter of time. 

Disney plus Google assistant smart displays nest hub max voice controls

Google Chromecast leak remote YouTube Netflix buttons

Wavefront TV’s take: Samsung is acting like Apple, which is a VERY smart move. 

Samsung launches smart TV app Tv Plus on Galaxy smartphones

Wavefront TV’s take: Amazon is trying to improve its’ users experience – which is good, because there is a LOT of room for improvement. 

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite leak button layout new remote

Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi news time…..and time is running out. 

Quibi sale video buyers