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Connected Television is the future of media. Let us help you ride the wave.

Our mission: Empower publishers’ success across the connected television ecosystem.

  • Wavefront TV is purpose built to help publishers create, activate, and monetize their connected television channels.
  • We believe that through aggregation, organization, and activation, traditional online publishers can thrive in an omni-channel, connected tv world.
  • We believe that by providing a true managed service, publishers are free to focus on content creation and audience engagement.
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Unified Reporting

Consolidating all of the available data your OTT business will create can be a reporting nightmare and leaves you with blind spots in your business. Not with Relatv Motion, your OTT business intelligence platform.

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OTT’s Hidden Premium Inventory

OTT/CTV content creates brand awareness, recall, and favorability, driving demand for audiences. However accessing premium demand takes expertise. We provide publishers the opportunity to realize the value of platforms, content, and audiences.

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Power of OTT Audiences

Audiences are shifting and cord-cutting is accelerating at an astonishing rate. You likely know that OTT needs to be part of your audience development strategy – stop struggling to keep up and start working with experts to deliver on the promise of the future.

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Connected TV is the future. Ride the wave.

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