Relative Motion™

Find clarity in the noise.

Content everywhere is the new model for success.
Fragmented data limits insights and slows growth.
We’re here to change that.

Relative Motion delivers better business outcomes:

Relative Motion is the industry’s first CTV-specific business intelligence platform, purpose-built to empower customers by creating a centralized dashboard for viewership and monetization data. Cross platform & cross device, supporting video-on-demand and streaming partnerships, Relative Motion ties your CTV partner data into a single business intelligence hub.

How Relative Motion Helps Your Business:

  • Consolidates fragmented viewership data into an easy-to-use interface.
  • Aggregates monetization data from all OVP, SSP, and ad serving platforms.
  • Organizes viewership data into easy-to-understand dashboards and benchmarked analytics.
  • Empowers better business decisions.
  • Eliminates the need to build a BI platform in-house.
wavefront executive storyboard

Who benefits from Relative Motion™

  • Executive Management
  • Content Creators / Producers
  • Advertising Sales
  • Revenue Operations
  • Accounting / Finance

Connected TV is the future. Ride the wave.

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