Wavefont TV’s Take: Week of 12/14

Dear friend of Wavefront TV,

Disney+ and Discovery+ have been dominating the news in the last few week in a demonstration that Bill Gates was as correct in 1994 when he famously said “Content is king.” But if content is king, then a content bundle is Queen – and we all know where the true power lies. In order to compete with the 800lb Mandalorian, platforms are leaning into bundles – AVOD with SVOD, FAST with local, Hulu with Showtime, Roku with HBO Max, aggregators aggregating other aggregators….when it comes to growing audience, more is more.

 This week in the news: Amazon, Disney, YouTube, Peacock, AT&T, ViacomCBS, Pluto TV, Showtime, Haystack, Redbox, and more.

 Wavefront TV’s take: Sports and streaming will become the norm in 2021 and beyond.


 Wavefront TV’s take: This article does a good job of summarizing the scope of the shift underway across the entire media landscape, driven by (or impacted by) streaming.


 Wavefront TV’s take: This is the first of many moves and challenges as local content moves into the CTV ecosystem.



 Wavefront TV’s take: Content traditionally available in SVOD becoming available in AVOD (to keep costs lower and increase subscriber counts) might become more and more commonplace:


 Wavefront TV’s take: Peacock is already at 26M subscribers and climbing:


 Misc Platform News: 



 Wavefront TV’s take: ViacomCBS/Pluto… a growing giant: