New Year, New Opportunities

The growth of the connected television ecosystem continues almost unabated and this week we saw two great examples of what hyper-growth looks like. Despite one of the most massive failures in the history of media, Roku purchase of Quibi content library demonstrates that everyone is still fighting an uphill battle against Netflix, Discovery, Disney, Comcast, and ViacomCBS.

Additionally, despite Fubo’s ongoing audience growth, their stock came crashing back to Earth after a strong holiday run. And if there is anything that defines a hyper-growth stage of the media ecosystem, it’s huge fluctuations in stock prices. 

In the news this week (with the year still starting, CTV news is still somewhat slow): Hulu, YouTube TV, ViacomCBS, Vizio, Roku

Wavefront TV’s take: The largest players are still struggling to differentiate and compete against the bundled platforms:

Wavefront TV’s take: Vizio is making its’ move.

Wavefront TV’s take: Roku is massive and will likely be a buyer of technology and content this year (beyond Quibi).