Get Ready for Connected-TV-First Advertising

2018 was a transformational year for connected television (CTV). With 183 million CTV users in the U.S. alone, CTV is on pace to overtake traditional linear TV to become the first screen advertisers choose when they want to reach engaged audiences.

CTV now mirrors and improves on the linear TV viewing experience, and ad dollars are following. In fact, a third of all advertisers on Telaria’s platform now spend more than half their budgets on CTV.

Advertising on CTV is premium, viewable, non-skippable, addressable and can be transacted with the precision and efficiency of programmatic. It is the antidote for brands frustrated with the arduous, old school ways of linear, and frustrated and angry with YouTube’s brand safety issues.

With linear TV’s relevance diminishing and YouTube clearly not ready for primetime, it’s CTV’s time to shine. Here’s how: