Wavefront TV’s Take – Weekly CTV News Round Up

Dear friend of Wavefront TV,

Happy Thanksgiving! We hope everyone had a restful holiday and was able to find something and/or someone to give thanks for this year. It’s been a long year but we’re in the end game now (yes, I have been watching a LOT of Marvel content on Disney+ after Mandolorian episodes).

 Last week was predictably slow, but look for the final few weeks of 2020 to be full of CTV news. Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are already driving more CTV viewers into the arms of platforms and ad budgets are quickly shifting ahead of 2021 to reallocate spend towards connected TV.

 Now on to the news!

In the news this week: Apple, T-Mobile, Samsung, Microsoft, Xbox.

 Wavefront TV’s take: This is interesting – a remote manufacturer is pivoting to create remotes specifically for watching streaming platforms through Apple TV. Smart move.

Universal offers remote for MVPDs offering Apple TV 

 Wavefront TV’s take: TMobile is off to a rough start but figuring it out.

T-Mobile TVision Live adds 30+ Viacom, Discovery, Hallmark after complaints

 Wavefront TV’s take: Content everywhere is audience everywhere, so publishers have to be everywhere.

Over three-fifths of US broadband homes have multiple OTT accounts

Consumers expand OTT subscriptions beyond “big three,” finds parks

 Wavefront TV’s take: Samsung’s advantage? They are the TV, wherever the user goes.

Samsung’s free TV service is coming to more Galaxy phones

 Wavefront TV’s take: Flipping the script, Xbox is coming to your connected TV.

Microsoft to roll out Xbox app for smart TVs

Wavefront TV’s take: I want my MTV!

MTV Play lands on Amazon Prime video channels