Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 9/14

Wavefront TV’s take on last week: 

Despite the holiday weekend, there was a LOT of CTV news percolating from across the industry. Overall, the news is up and to the right. Time with CTV platforms continues to increase, AVOD continues to prove out as the dominant model, and ad budgets seem to be picking up both as seasonal spending returns and advertisers move off the sidelines. 

Now, on to the news: 

Wavefront TV’s take: Ad spend news and the impact of growth in supply.

IAB linear TV advertising down 24 in 2020

As viewing rose attention fell Tvision report finds

Wavefront TV’s take: Streaming platforms are carrying the day. TV watchers want to watch TV, not apps. 

Consumers go to streaming before pay TV hub research

Survey confirms streaming is our new tv normal even if you subtract Amazon

Americans continuing to stream content at high rates and turning to AVOD 

Wavefont TV’s take: More platforms…..more problems?

200 stations jump into new streaming venture

Syncbaks vuit boosts local tv stations OTT presence

Wavefront TV’s take: AppleTV isn’t giving up the fight. 

Vizio now supports Apple TV app on smart TVs

Apple to release revamped Apple TV

Wavefront TV’s take: Assorted new channel news.

Samsung TV Plus aims to get on tune with Qwest TV

Tastemade premieres first ever branded home TV show

Plex adds WURL channels to streaming network

Wavefront TV’s take: Google hearts Philo.

Google Fiber to market Philo

Wavefront TV’s take: TVs are the most valuable real estate in the device wars.

Samsung controls 14 of fragmented global OTT device biz leads the world

Comcast looking to license x1 to smart TV makers report

Wavefront TV’s take: Baby Yoda is back.

Season two of The Mandalorian on Disney Plus October 30

Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi news. And guess what? It’s not great. 

Are Quibi’s quick bites appetizing enough for advertisers?