Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 7/20










Wavefront TV’s take on last week: The Peacock takes flight, or at least starts to flap its lovely wings. Without the tent pole event of the Summer Olympics and no Seinfeld or Office, NBC’s entry into the CTV ecosystem arrives with muted fanfare. While binging The Greatest American Hero and Cheers does sound like a truly fantastic weekend, until they have more live sports to buttress their shows & movies, the Peacock may struggle to gain traction against Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon. 

 Now, on to the news…

Wavefront TV’s take: The story of the week will be a long-running drama, a show about a channel full of shows: 

Peacock Without Roku and Amazon Fire TV? Top Exec Is Ok With That

Peacock Officially Enters Streaming Game With Nationwide Launch

Peacock to Take Flight with Free and Premium Tiers

 Wavefront TV’s take: Fraud will keep ad dollars on the sidelines and impact smaller publishers more than platforms due to reliance on more programmatic deals: 

Industry Needs to Implement Measures to Weed Out CTV Ad Fraud

 Wavefront TV’s take: Live TV has relied on local advertisers for years, but without the affiliates to bring in those dollars, platforms have to open up those markets directly. Enter Hulu’s local marketplace: 

Hulu Goes After Small Biz With As Manager

 Wavefront TV’s take: This is strange to say, but don’t sleep on Google: 

Google and Android TV Threaten Roku and Amazon for Connected TV Dominance

 Wavefront TV’s take: Amazon is going to stay one step head of Google for as long as it can. 

Amazon Fire TV Live Adds Virtual Pay TV Options From Sling, YouTube, and Hulu 

 Wavefront TV’s take: This is strange to say, but don’t sleep on Walmart? (this isn’t  just about grocery news – this is an entertainment move as well). 

Walmart Plus Grocery Delivery Amazon Prime Membership Loyalty Program 

 Wavefront TV’s take: CBS is all about the NFL, and Viacom also owns Pluto…..so guess where this is going to lead: 

Pluto TV Extends NFL Partnership

 Wavefront TV’s take: Content news – Roku expands it’s live offerings and Sling expands with more distribution deals: 

Roku Expands Live TV Channel Guide with Addition of Premium and OTA Channels


 Wavefront TV’s take: Prediction time – FuboTV gets acquired before end of this year: 

Yahoo Finance – FUBO Quote

Fubo Says Revenues Rose 78 Percent in First Quarter

FUBO TV Finds 20M Further Funding 

 Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi news time….and you can guess what that means:

Quibi Subscriber Count Free Trial Paying Users Conversion Rate

 And finally, just remember that there are no mistakes. Only happy accidents: 

Joy of Painting Coming to AVOD Service Tubi via Cinedigms Docurama Channel