Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 10/26

Last week in the news: 

It was all Quibi, all the time. Nothing like a high-profile flameout to draw comparisons to Pets.com and other dot com-era sagas. While pundits have declared Quibi’s biggest challenge was that their executive leadership was wrong in thinking that episodic short form video content would translate to younger audiences, our take is that the fundamental miss was that short form content doesn’t translate to a TV-style viewing experience.

The miscalculation wasn’t the audience; they had the right audience, but the wrong platform. Quibi was a social publishing play, not TV, which might have made them slightly more money, but not enough to keep it afloat. 

Now, on to the news!

Wavefront TV’s take: Streaming services are the place to be: 

Nearly half of global viewers added a streaming service since March, Limelight says

Wavefront TV’s take: Disney and Comcast are on a collision course over Hulu:

Is Disney knee-capping Hulu to reduce Comcast buyout price?

Wavefront TV’s take: I want my… Apple Music TV? 

Apple Music TV launch videos

Wavefront TV’s take: Always aggregate the aggregators…..and cable companies still report that their channel lineup/guides are still some of the most viewed channels of all. 

ScreenHits TV mysterious streaming aggregation platform finally launches beta

Wavefront TV’s take: So Tivo is offering a device via cable companies that lets you access streaming platforms. Um, ok. 

TiVo scores broadband bundling deals for new Android TV streamer

Wavefront TV’s take: New Xbox, new Playstation, more devices in the device wars!

PS5 streaming apps support day one Netflix Disney Plus Twitch