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The Power of OTT

The power and reach of video advertising was once only available to broadcasters and the largest MVPDs.

Not anymore: The opportunity to connect with deeply engaged audiences receptive to ad supported models is here for all advertisers and publishers of video content. OTT/CTV’s large screen format and lean-back viewer experience increases brand awareness, recall, and favorability, driving demand.

The stats don’t lie…

Meet The OTT Viewer

Those watching OTT ad-supported video skew younger, slightly more male, diverse – and with children.

40% Female
60% Male

51% Have Kids
49% Married

44% 18-34
37% 35-54
18% 55+

0 %
of adults 18+ who watch OTT say they watch ad-supported OTT video
0 %
of age 18+ OTT viewers say that of all streaming video, they watch ad-supported OTT video most
0 %
of OTT ad views in entertainment content are in demo (aged 18–49), with 18–34 year olds driving most impressions

Trends in OTT Ad Spend

OTT ad view growth has eclipsed desktop, STBVOD, tablet — everything but mobile video ad spend.

$ 0 B
OTT advertising projection for 2019
0 %
increase in OTT ad view consumption (U.S.) from 2017-18
0 %
of advertisers plan on increasing their OTT spend in the next 12 months
$ 0 B
global OTT ad spend estimate for 2020
0 %
of OTT buys are direct
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User Engagement

The large screen, lean-back format of OTT drives deeper user engagement with video advertising.

0 %
OTT ad view share by device (largest ad view share of any device type)
0 %
of OTT visits are longer than one hour
0 %
1/3 of OTT visits complete 98% of all premium video ads