Fubo, AT&T, and Univision in the News

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With the country (and much of the world) still glued to their screens, the connected TV landscape continues to grow by leaps and bounds. While most of the world understands this truth by watching the launch of platform after platform (Disney+, Peacock, Discovery+, and more coming), behind the scenes, the advertising technology world is turning its gaze to the underlying infrastructure. Fraud identification, contextual/addressable targeting, server-to-server programmatic integrations, supply & demand path optimization….all are hallmarks of digital media and all are part-and-parcel of a significant increase in both content and campaigns. 

Publishers who will grow at rates faster than the broader market are those who will lean into these initiatives and start to adopt best practices around data & analytics, inventory management, audience controls, and yield dynamics. Focusing on these topics are likely to lead publishers/broadcasters to the most growth and ROI this year. 

In the news this week: Roku, Google, White Ops, The Trade Desk, DoubleVerify, AT&T, Disney+, HBO Max, Netflix, FuboUnivision

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