Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 9/21

Now, on to the news: 

Wavefront TV’s take: ViacomCBS universe continues to come together… as Paramount? 

Paramount Plus is new name for ViacomCBS super streamer

CBS All Access re-ups Amazon Prime channels distribution

Wavefront TV’s take: Subscribers are expensive and hard to scale. AVOD4LIFE!

TUBI 25 of SVOD subs have dropped service for AVOD

Wavefront TV’s take: This is a really good read about how dynamic the video space truly is and how early we all really are in this journey. 

Sky: “It’s All Digital Now”

Wavefront TV’s take: Comcast & Xumo are moving to be the OS for Smart TVs. 

Comcast’s Roberts: We’re looking at smart TVs on a global basis for x1

Wavefront TV’s take: Apple is using their bundle to advance their TV growth. 

Apple formally announces Apple One services bundling initiative

Apple’s one problem TV distribution

Wavefront TV’s take: Roku & Comcast are battling…

NBCU Roku reach deal – avoid streaming blackout

Wavefront TV’s take: Device war alert – Chromecast makes its’ move. 

Google to brand new Android TV device Chromecast with Google TV report

Wavefront TV’s take: BEST CASTING EVER.

Joe Exotic series Nicolas Cage Amazon

Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi news alert… (dum dum DUM!!!!!!)

How can TV advertising help Quibi’s uphill battle?

T-mobile reminds us that Quibi still exists with six month free trial