Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 10/5

Wavefront TV’s take on last week: 

It was only a matter of time, but Google dominated the CTV news last week and will likely do so in a bigger way in 2021. First and foremost, they put their name right up front – Android TV is now Google TV. Chromecast is now a device that is being positioned to more aggressively take on Apple TV and Amazon. Between Android TV, YouTube TV, and Chromecast… Google TV is firmly entrenched as the only truly vertically integrated CTV platform. Look for 2021 to be all about bringing Google’s strength in advertising monetization to bear and attempt to reposition Google Ad Manager as a force in CTV ad serving. 

Now, on to the news….

Wavefront TV’s take: Google is coming for your TV.

Google officially rebrands Android TV as Google TVWavefront TV’s take: If digital has the duopoly (FB & Google), CTV has the… pentapoly? 

What streaming wars? Five services control 83 of connected TV viewing

Wavefront TV’s take: CTV still has a LOT of upside. 

Growing numbers of cord cutters could push debate audience to new highs

Streaming industry to cross $100B in revenue by 2025 report

Wavefront TV’s take: This is a little bit in the weeds, but it’s a good descriptor of the challenges that still occur with Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI). 

What are ad holes and what errors cause them?

Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi…..ruh roh.

Quibi may be for sale but what is it worth and who would buy it?

Quibi’s streaming service needs 1.8 billion to cover shortfall