Wavefront TV’s Take – Week of 10/13

Wavefront TV’s take on the industry: 

For months we here at Wavefront TV have talked about local being the final frontier of CTV. Locals news, content, and local advertising dollars still struggle to move into CTV due to the fact that distribution platforms are programming for mass audiences – leaving suburban & exurban markets on the sidelines. That will likely change as MSOs begin to offer their own streaming devices. Replacing the cable box will be a streaming device, offering access to content apps as well as streaming/linear content that is typically delivered OTA (over the air). 

We’ve talked about the coming device wars. Apple TV, Google TV, Roku, Firestick. But look for the regional telcos to enter this fray in more concerted way in 2021 and beyond. 

Now, on to the news: 

Wavefront TV’s take: Ad-supported VOD is the wave of the future. 

Almost 1/5 of US internet users accessing AVOD

Wavefront TV’s take: Nielsen is making a move to consider ads running on Google-based video impressions (YT and YTTV) to be on the same plane. Look for this to expand to all CTV impressions they measure. 

Nielsen to measure CTV ads on YouTube TV

Wavefront TV’s take: Rural is where next frontier. 

FCC cites unprecedented interest in rural broadband bucks