Wavefront TV’s Take – 10/12

Wavefront TV’s take on last week: 

Fubo’s IPO marks a turning point for the connected TV industry. As one of the first “independent” platforms going public – although not entirely independent (Disney acquires a substantial stake in FUBO TV) – Fubo’s model of finding a niche that works shows that not every platform needs to be all things to all people. It also demonstrates that the power of connected TV continues to be in liner/streaming executions and access to live programming wherever possible. Good luck to Fubo and their eventual acquirer and overlord, Disney 🙂

Now, on to the news: 

Wavefront TV’s take: Streaming matters and local is the key to unlocking older demographics and non-cord cutters. 

Vuit OTT service launches battleground states channel

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Wavefront TV’s take: Xumo is growing!

Comcast Xumo free streaming growth 24 million users 

Wavefront TV’s take: Google continues to bring order to their CTV universe.

YouTube TV promo offers up Google’s new Chromecast

Sleeping giant Google stands to shake up the connected TV platform war

Wavefront TV’s take: It was only a matter of time before Facebook came for your TV.

Facebook adds Netflix support to portal TV

Wavefront TV’s take: In the arms race of connected TV, Disney and Apple are still giants. 

Did Apple TV Plus secretly become one of the best streaming services in 2020?

Disney acquires a substantial stake in FUBO TV owner FaceBank Group

Wavefront TV’s take: Quibi news and Quibi needs money. 

Quibi quagmire Katzenberg needs to come up with another $18 billion by 2024