CTV: a $10B+ opportunity

****This content appeared in StreamingMedia.com and quotes a report from eMarketer.com

U.S. connected TV ad spend will total $6.94 billion this year, but that will rise to $8.88 billion in 2020 and $10.81 billion in 2021.

With many of the top streaming services being ad-free, popular ad-supported services like YouTube, Hulu, and Roku are poised to reap the benefits, notes Eric Haggstrom, a forecasting analyst with eMarketer.

“Users of these platforms are likely either cord-cutters or cord-shavers,” Haggstrom says. “That means some TV ad buyers are willing to pay a premium to reach users who are difficult to reach via traditional TV ads. These platforms are also bulking up their targeting, programmatic, and attribution capabilities in order to attract buyers from the digital world.”